Saturday, 21 July 2007

Plastered heels

Being Saturday, Bessy took to her heels and hasn't come back. Margaret asked if we might plaster the walls with our youthful dreams again. I said we weren't youthful anymore. When we're three hundred years in the ground, she said, we'd think these days were youthful. So we're going to dream and plaster the walls, which should be fun.


Indeterminacy said...

My muse and I are reliving some of our more youthful days these weeks with our son(10). We got invited to a grill party, so we'll put off cleaning the apartment to go to that.

Thanks for commenting at photo 405 - I've finally answered all the comments, with apologies for taking so long.

Anonymous said...

I hope the plastering went well. I have been unplastering this weekend and consider myself tired and old after doing this... I wonder how I will feel about feeling old when unplastering when I have been in the ground for 300 years... guess I'll have to wait and see... Gertrude