Friday, 20 July 2007

Apples sucking brains from white cubes

Some days Bessy just doesn't want to get out of her bed. And some days Margaret doesn't want to get out of hers. And some days both sit under the shower and discuss apples falling from trees. On these days I have a slice of toast, put my jacket on and leave them to it. Today was such a day.

Felix was uncommonly quiet and pale this morning as we sat drinking tea. After gazing at the rain from beneath our umbrellas for some time, Felix told me his favourite seagull had taken to placing scary pictures in men's loos. Seeing how much this disturbed Felix, I didn't enquire why.

I did ask George, though, on my arrival at the surgery, if the scary child called Rosy was still due to visit us today. George told me there was nothing truly scary in the world, and that it was time for me to grow up. I turned my eyeballs inside out and George shrieked. I like that.

The scary Rosy came into the surgery and climbed into the sink. She told me that if I was going to look in her mouth, she was going to open my head and suck my brain out. I know she's only joking and that she's only three so she probably couldn't manage but, just in case, I said that from where I stood, her teeth looked fine.

Cookie tells me she thinks white cubes are scary because you never know when they're the right way up, which is true, I suppose.

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