Friday, 24 August 2007

Unaware of cabbages returning with circular eyelids

It was a short sojourn and Bessy wasn't there when I got back. Perhaps it was longer than I thought. Margaret returned yesterday with a cabbage dressed in a monkey suit. I'm not sure why.

Felix was walking in circles when I arrived at the bench. He was contemplating how it must be when there's a reason to keep going over the same ground. I asked if he'd discovered such a reason. He stopped and looked at me as if I had just caused a fire alarm by raising an innocent eyebrow. No, he said, that's the point. I drank my tea and watched his circular motion and fell into a minor trance. Maybe that was the reason.

George once hypnotised a kangaroo with a nasty habit of being defiant. Today he suggested I should learn from the kangaroo's lesson. I asked what that was. George rested his chin on his hands and fluttered his eyelids innocently (at least that's what I thought).

I don't know what happened after that but Cookie said I was remarkably well behaved all day and that if I was lucky, the stars might bring me a wish that I hadn't yet thought of. I said that sounded great but Cookie warned me not to behave again, because it was boring.

Which brings me back to going on a sojourn, or thinking one is, or not even being aware that that is where one's just been. Or maybe I'm going in circles, and I've turned into a subdued kangaroo that was once defiant.

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