Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Influencing stones and tractors

Felix tells me there are ways of driving tractors so that a tyre mark is never left, but you had to be a master of passing through life without influencing it in order to know how. I mention this because Bessy has a tractor logo stamped on her bed. This may seem innocuous but Margaret this morning was seated in mid-air as if atop a tractor but was, in fact, above Bessy's bed. Though there was no tractor in the kitchen, there were tyre marks on the floor. It was most strange.

George spent some time in a priory that had fallen into disrepair. In fact, I believe it would be more accurate to say he lived among a priory, and spent much time contemplating how best to climb the ruins with both hands in the pose of prayer. I asked him this morning if during that time he ever found himself thinking he was atop a wall when in fact he was mid-air. He asked if I was OK, which I suppose meant he hadn't.

Jack Wobbleripple came in clutching his milk-soaked tooth, which he'd knocked out when he tripped over the old stone he was making into a witch. We sat him in the chair and Cookie gave him a good telling-off about stones and witches. I asked if he'd thought he was sitting on something and then discovered he wasn't and that was why he'd knocked the tooth out. Cookie said I was always talking about keeping secrets that weren't really secrets and that I should get on and re-implant the tooth. I'm not sure I ever mentioned secrets, but then, Cookie knows things I don't.

And that's why passing through life and influencing it seems so hazardous, if there's a stone or a wall in the way at least.

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