Thursday, 30 August 2007

Swimming with wisdom in Alpine bus shelters

I woke up this morning to discover that, despite my dreams suggesting otherwise, I was not in Bavaria nor in a swimsuit made of ginger bread. Bessy, on the other hand, was most surprised to see me, judging by her reaction when I opened my eyes. Whether she thought I was in Bavaria too, I have no idea.

Margaret, whilst sleeping, wrote a long list of uncomfortable positions in which to sit. I thought that was a particularly productive use of her time and resolved to do the same should my unconscious allow it.

Felix told me this morning that Bessy had taken to learning a new language, having observed her mouthing things, and asked if I had encouraged it. At first it looked like she was yawning, to me but, when I looked again, I could see that she was indeed fairly fluent at something, though it was silent. Felix said she wasn't silent but was simply articulating herself at a pitch I couldn't hear. I asked why. Because I couldn't be trusted, he said, which left me feeling a little out of sorts.

George was part of a trial into the effects of sitting on radiator edges at extreme altitudes whilst picking one's toenails. It was part of a project to assess the potential behaviour of bare-footed male passengers waiting for buses in bus stops where radiators were positioned to give the impression that they were warm, even if they weren't, anywhere in the Swiss Alps. I asked if buses were so infrequent that he had to remain so long. That wasn't the point, for him. It was about endurance and he looked at me as if he wanted to let me know I wouldn't have been capable, which is probably true.

Mr Shortsleevestoshowthewrist was in with his daughter for a preschool check-up. The child opened her mouth for me to have a look. Cookie peered in, as she does, and commented on the beautiful arrangement of unsaid wisdoms that would unfold in later life. I'm not sure what these look like, but they were clearly there. I told the child to look after said wisdoms yet to unfold, at the same time as I wondered if I had looked after mine.

Which brings me back to not being where Bessy expected me to be and trials of endurance. There's got to be a lesson in that about avoiding negligence of wisdom.

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