Monday, 3 September 2007

Ringing patience by the ear and having fun

There's a curious thing that happens when the church bells ring in the distance: Bessy starts balancing candles on her left ear and wags her tail like there's a pile of her favourite comics in front of her. Margaret thinks she met Pavlov before she was born. I've no idea, but the bells were silent this morning and Bessy didn't do any balancing or wagging. I'm not sure what that means for her.

I took the day off today in order to count the gravel stones we have on the driveway. George left a note yesterday suggesting this would be a useful exercise in acquiring the art of patience and then of self-respect. I was looking for neither, but clearly George thought I should be, so I sat down in the gravel and felt like I was three years old again. What a joy, I forgot there was a day to pass and totally forgot to be patient.

Which brings me back to the bells. I reckon one either has a Pavlovian ability to remain patient when the stimuli suggests one shouldn't. Or one never met Pavlov in the first place. All very interesting.


The OE said...

Every secret agent needs to know Pavlov's principles. It is often the way we respond to things that blows our cover.

Lucy said...

I like you quaint writing style. It bring me there--albeit, peacefully. Perhaps, it was a peaceful. Maybe tomorrow you'll be writing in "torrential rainstorm" style.

Nice blog you have going here!

Stop on by my spot, if you want to see behind the scenes of what it's like to become an American standup comedienne!

Quest for Comedic Stardom:

Stan Johns said...

Dear OE,

I had a feeling that if I posted a little on Pavlov you might comment...but you didn't blow your cover - this time...

Dear Lucy,

Thank you. Things always seem to be happening in this world that take me by surprise. But then, I like surprises.

I look forward to dropping in on your site, which I shall do presently.

All the best to you both.