Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cookie's great idea

I'm a dentist, and I have a nurse called Cookie.

She has wires sticking out of her ears most of the day and - for fear of appearing out of touch - I tend to keep my thoughts on through-brain irradiation to myself. I wondered once if she might benefit from the experience. But events have failed to prove this to be the case.

Still, on Friday last week, with rubber dam stretched like an elastic lettuce leaf across Mrs Pinkleblower's enormous mouth, Cookie removed one of the wires from her brain and asked me if I had said anything. I told her I had been speaking to her for the past half hour, to which she stared at me with what appeared to be disbelief. She said she hadn't heard a word but if I wanted to 'ramble on' I should start a blog.

So I have. And this is it.

1 comment:

Indeterminacy said...

What a great and funny beginning! I love it!