Saturday, 1 August 2009

Spinning love into divisive fertility

I'm not sure how Bessy arrived at such a conclusion but it was one I couldn't ignore: when being divisive one's mind is at its most fertile. I asked Margaret if she had changed Bessy's breakfast mix but in spirit Margaret was communing with wasps in between the rafters above the kitchen. The question meant nothing to her at that moment.

Felix, thankfully, was in his normal spot overlooking the Channel. Except that half of him was also in a love-struck relationship with a woman he'd once known when marching with Oliver Cromwell. I asked if there was any point, given that she wasn't around anymore. She is where he is, he responded, and suggested I find some way to take advantage of life's opportunities a little more rather than picking holes in others' life formats. It got me wondering about my life format and then I got a bit confused.

George told me once he'd won a competition for spinning around and wondering why. I've no idea why one would do that.

Cookie has gone on holiday. She went via the high volume suction.

Divisions and creativity, spinning and suction, love and wasps. It's all there, every day.

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