Thursday, 23 April 2009

Flips in wrinkles and unconventional spots

Big days, small days and all those in between. Wonderful. That was what was on my mind this morning when Bessy triple flipped and dreamt a fantastical thing about love and bunnies and things that are warm but unconventional. She didn't come down and I don't blame her. Margaret was inside a tulip bulb in the process of budding. For a few moments she thought she might bud too. It was something I had to contemplate a few moments. Which I did.

Felix had visited a group of men whose faces are covered in wrinkles that simulate sand dunes, and then dug as deep as he could into them and discovered there was nothing but nothing. Drinking tea with him wasn't much fun, it has to be said.

George once won a competition for the most upside down and roundabout flips a person could do whilst pretending not to move. I asked if the judges had to anticipate the flips in order for the person not to move - relatively speaking. George looked up, crossed his legs and said that wasn't the point. I guess that's something else to ponder on.

Cookie was running on a spot left by a fly with a dirty foot. It looked like hard work. I got on with the day and treating all my wonderful patients, who are wonderful people, like so many people.

And that brings me back to the flip. Whatever works seems to work with others too.

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