Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Purposefully reflecting on the upside of the downside

Today must have been a day of perplexing problems turning into upside down somethings that just don't seem to fit. But it started off well enough when Bessy popped into the bedroom and did a polka with a wet suit on and Margaret hooked one foot over the curtain rail and pretended she was just there. Mornings like that make me wonder why anyone wouldn't get out of bed.

Felix was sitting purposed - if one can describe a verb as such - with, I perceived, the intention of appearing paradoxical in a contrary manner but not so as to cause any alarm. I was wrong and I was alarmed when Felix poured some tea and told me there was a place nearby where people like him can take a few moments to reflect on dark space, which seemed rather problematic to me. Still, we drank our tea and I left wondering if I hadn't arrived with some purpose myself...

The day then went down hill and I arrived at this point in the evening wondering if I hadn't taken a wrong turn somewhere earlier. But then, I guess down hill rides offer the exhilaration of something recklessly exhilarating as well as the hill on the other side to climb. But I can't recall the exhilaration either...which is rather perplexing.

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Banno said...

Describes most of my days.