Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Posing intently with prophetic blush

Tonight we are popping into town to listen to some chamber music. Bessy was, therefore, up early this morning practicing her glancing piercingly at the leading violinist so as to cause maximum distraction pose, which always makes us laugh. Margaret, on these occasions, floats up to a point in the centre of the auditorium where she remains, motionless, until the final note. This morning she told me that she would angle herself at 37 degrees to the horizontal on account of the ensemble playing Haydn. He would approve, no doubt.

Felix was watching the sea this morning with great intent. It would appear that a man was hoolah-hooping across the English Channel whilst doing unnecessary exercises to assuage the demands of a certainty-hungry society. I couldn't see the man. Felix smiled and said that he was half way to France. I asked if he was sure. Felix didn't reply but went very pale. I'm not sure why.

George was far from pale having applied copious quantities of blush to his cheeks. George, in is heyday, had been a regular participant in the annual blush your neighbour campaign. This involved knocking on as many doors as possible, calling the person who answered it 'lovely neighbour' and then applying rouge to their face in vast quantities. I asked George why he had never dabbed red all over me. He said that to call me lovely neighbour was going too far. I didn't think that was very pleasant.

Cookie was getting Mrs Jackson ready for treatment. Mrs Jackson has a very interesting ability to carve sheep kidneys with prophetic symbols using a hammer and chisel. I asked her today if she was working on anything at the present time - perhaps a prophesy of certainty in becoming a good neighbour. Cookie looked at me in her adult talking patronisingly to child way, and said: sheep's kidneys would only respond to a certain Baa Baa. I didn't follow, but that's the wonderful thing about Cookie: it's great to get lost.

Which brings me to a thought: that whatever one jumps through, it seems there's no way round the possibility that there's nothing on the other side. Mind you, if you do the jumping to beautiful music it probably doesn't really matter.

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